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Nerf Dart Tag began in 2005 when Nerf/Hasbro introduced its line of toy dart guns ("blasters"). The colorful blasters use a puff of air to launch a soft foam dart approximately 30ft within the game arena. Players score points by launching the foam darts at players of the opposing team. 


With all the fun of paintball and none of the pain and mess, Nerf Dart Tag was instantly popular. By 2009, the Nerf Dart Tag craze had spread around the world and the Nerf Dart Tag League began holding yearly worldwide Dart Tag competitions sponsored by Nerf.

What is Nerf Dart Tag?

The Nerf Dart

The Nerf Blaster

The Nerf Darts are composed of tubes of soft foam, capped with a hollow rubber tip that deforms easily on contact to further soften the impact.  Darts can safely be launched at point-blank range without any worries of pain or bruising.  Nerf darts come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors.  Some darts are tipped with velcro to adhere to player game vests when they are hit.

Nerf Blasters come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles and are intentionally designed with bright colors and futuristic forms so they can't be mistaken for actual weapons.  All of the blasters use springs or battery power to launch soft foam darts 30-50 feet across the playing field.  The blasters are tested and certified safe by the manufacturer for use by players age 6+.

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