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Elevate your corporate events with our exciting party games including: Bubble Soccer, Nerf Dart Tag, Combat Archery, Bubble Sumo, Hippity Hop Polo, Bubble Battle Arena, Lawn Games, and more!  PlanetXone will help you create an unforgettable team building experience!

Pump Up The Fun!

Whether you're planning a company-wide annual picnic for a Fortune 500 an after-work outing for a small department, PlanetXone can help you craft the perfect games & activities package for your event!


We offer games for all ages (tots to adults) all physical capabilities (sedentary to ultra-athletic) and all interests. 


Here are a few of our most popular games:


  • Bubble Soccer

  • Combat Archery

  • Nerf Dart Tag

  • Bubble Sumo

  • Hippity Hop Polo

  • Bubble Battle Arena

  • Kickball

  • Custom Team Relay Races

  • Popular Field Games:

    • Kickball​

    • Soccer

    • Flag Football

    • Volleyball

    • Badminton

  • Popular Lawn Games:

    • Cornhole​

    • Giant Jenga

    • Giant Connect 4

    • Spikeball,

    • Croquet

    • Tug-of-War

    • KanJam

    • Flimsee Disc Toss

    • Bottle Bash Disc Toss

  • Team Building Exercises & Games:

    • Overhead Fire Brigade​

    • Blindfolded Mine Field

    • Simon Says

    • Pipe/Marble Challenge

    • Tower of Bubbles

    • and many more!


  • Your games event can be structured as a tournament competition with an awards ceremony for the winners, or a casual "open play" event for relaxed group gatherings.  We'll help you create the perfect event to fit your group!

  • All of our game packages include one or more PlanetXone game hosts to stay throughout your event to referee games and help manage the game activities.

What to expect?

Bubble sumo battling tournament.
Corporate team Bubble soccer fun tournament.
Employee playing archery tag on team field day.
Corporate team building play hipity hop polo tournament.
Corporate Field Day playing lawn games.

Package Factors


Group Size

Field Footprint



Age Requirement
Game Footprint
Game Field Type
Physical Strength
Setup Time
Lawn Games
Bubble Soccer
5 years to adult
50' x 100'
Grass/Turf or Gym
45 minutes
Nerf Dart Tag
5 years to adult
30' x 40'
Grass, Clean Pavement
60 minutes
Combat Archery
16 years to adult
50' x 100'
Grass/Turf or Gym
45 minutes
Bubble Sumo
7 years to adult
30' x 40'
Grass/Turf or Gym
45 minutes
Team Building
Employee field day watching coworker battle in bubble arena
Corporate team building fun bubble battle arena game.

Let us put the FUN back in your next company party or team building event!


"Amazing! Highly recommend PlanetXone"




"PlanetXone certainly came through for us! WE HAD A BLAST!"



"Everyone had a blast and I heard nothing but great things about all of the events you guys put together"



"WOW!  Loved it!"



Whether you're looking for a simple gaming package for a company picnic or a full-fledged afternoon of team building events, we've got you covered!  Add some excitement to your next company party or corporate team building event with Bubble Soccer competions, Nerf Dart Tag, Bubble Sumo wrestling and much more!  Bombard the CEO with a flurry of flying foam darts!  ....or pit your Sales team against the Accounting department in a grudge match.


We'll bring our mobile 20' x 40' gaming arena to your business location or any desired party site within the San Francisco Bay area (more locations coming soon).  Players can select from our extensive selection of premium Nerf blasters, including the amazing Nerf Hail Fire automatic blaster that holds up to 144 foam darts!  


All gaming supplies (blasters, vests, safety glasses, etc.) are included and our experienced Game Marshals will guide the game play and help you choose from several fun game variations.

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