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The ultimate party game! Perfect for birthdays, team-building events, bachelor parties, and more. Bounce into fun with us!

About Bubble Soccer Balls (aka Bubble Balls)

The bubble balls come in several different sizes (1.0 meter, 1.2 meter, 1.5 meter & 1.8 meter) to fit toddlers through XXXL adults.  Each bubble suit has backpack-style straps inside that hold the bubble securely on the player during the games.  When properly worn, the bubble will extend 6-8 inches above the player's head and cover to just below the player's knees.  Grip straps are also located on the inside front the bubble so that the player can hold the bubble securely during play. 

Once inside the bubble, players can run, bump, roll and somersault.  When bumped, players tuck their legs into the bubble to roll and every part of the body is protected by the bubble suit.

The sky is the limit with how you bounce, roll, and flip! There are many different games that can be played in the bubbles in addition to Bubble Soccer: Capture the Flag, Last Person Standing, Rolling Relays, Protect the President, Bubble Sumo, Bubble Ninja Crawl, Somersault Races and much more!



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Is Bubble Soccer safe?

There is a small risk of injury when playing any sport (soccer, basketball, tennis, etc.) however the most common injuries we see from bubble soccer are twisted ankles from uneven park terrain and blisters from gripping the bubble straps tightly.  The bubble suit covers the player's body almost entirely (from 8 inches above the head to just below the knees) so injuries are quite rare.  In addition, a PlanetXone referee is always present to make sure that players wear the bubbles properly and that games don't become too aggressive.


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Bubble Soccer

A exciting blend of soccer and rugby!  Players are allowed to bump and tackle (no red cards!) while trying to kick the soccer ball into the opposing team's goal. 

Bubble Protect

The President

The game begins with each team selecting a president.  The teams then try to protect their president from getting knocked down by the opposing team while simultaneously trying to knock down the opposing team's president.

Bubble Sumo

Inspired by the traditional Japanese sumo wrestling, players in bubble soccer suits try to push each other out of a designated ring or area.

Bubble Rolling Relay

Players group into teams of 3-4 players.  One player from each team volunteers to ride inside the bubble as it is rolled sideways by their teammates in a relay race with opposing teams.

Bubble Last Person Standing

It's every player for themselves!  On the whistle, all players try to knock down opposing players to become the last person standing!

Bubble Capture the Flag

Each team guards a "flag" (typically a cone) from being knocked down by the opposing team.  The first team to knock down the opposing team's flag wins the round. 

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