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Bubble ball is the inflatable body suit that the player wear in order to play an interactive games or sports.  It is the newest activity for 2010. Inflatable Bumper ball is physical, exhilarating, and enormous fun for children and adults. 


The sky is the limit with how you bounce, roll, and flip! These are some common BubbleBall games such as Bubble Soccer, Bubble Sumo, Bubble Baseball, Royal Rumble, Dog & Bone and King of the Xone!



About Bubble Soccer Balls (aka Bubble Balls)

Bubble Base Ball

Bubble Sumo

Bubble Baseball: A fun variation of kickball. Players kick the ball and try to make it around the bases. Catching team players must first touch the ball before they are allowed to move and then run to knock down the runners before they get to each base.

Bubble Sumo: A straightforward game where two players must enter into a ring with their inflatable bubbles. Players have to try to force the other party out of the ring in order to win.


Royal Rumble: Similar to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), players enter the ring at every interval to battle out for the last man standing to win the crown title.

Just simply create your own game bump, roll or flip with your family and friend!

Bubble Ball Party

Bubble Soccer / Bubble Football (Europe): Indoor or outdoor soccer without a goalie, played in teams of 5-10. The best way of playing soccer without running for miles. Yet a great work out!

Bubble Soccer Ball

Am I safe?

Yes, the bubble ball or an inflatable bubble suit. Users can strap on the Bumper Ball just like wearing back pack except that it's surround you and 'bump' into each other, much like a Sumo Wrestler game.


Inflatable Bubble Soccer competitors can run into each other, roll on the ground, and even jump on each other using the Bumper Ball inflatable. It is suitable for family backyard, playing center, etc.


Now Inflatable Bubble Soccers is very popular all over the world. Inflatable Bubble Soccers have been seen on TV and on BBC Sports, Even Inflatable Bubble Soccers have become part of the school sports scene in some schools. 

Dog & Bone: Players try different ways to get ‘the bone’. A battle between two teams, each member will be assigned a code or number. Once the code or number is being called out, the players will have to try to secure the bone zone. But watch out, the rivals will be pushing their way through as well. The team with the most dogs in the zone wins the battle!


Dog & Bone

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